R.B."Ben" Bamburg lived a typical religious life until about 13.  When his youth pastor opened up a leadership program to engage youth to have goals and accountability regarding devotions.  He started reading the Bible and praying each for an hour a day and that changed everything.  He started seeing that today's church didn't reflect the early church and started listening for God's voice instead of sermons.
     Things went into over-drive around the time he married his wife Michelle, who incidentally was wheelchair bound with cerebral palsy. He already had a passion for healing and wanted to find it even more, but every big name ministry that claimed to have power proved to be disappointing. He finally came to realize he had regressed. He stopped listening to God and looked for someone else to speak for him. Pastors should be a guide to God, not a replacement for God.
     He had also searched for a teaching position at churches for years.  Despite wowing the pastors with his knowledge he wasn't able to get through the politics and secure a position.  Refusing to allow his gift to be hidden he continued to write blogs, books and create YouTube videos and teach one on one in public.
     His goal is to get the focus off of man and focus on God.  Too many times people chase after another church who "has God" instead of seeking God himself.  We focus on methods, "anointing", increasing faith, thinking positive and so many gimmicks to try to get God to move. His desire is for us to know him and yield to him and ALLOW him to work. Therefore he doesn't seek fame or a following, but just to spread knowledge so people will finally have what they are looking for: Hope.




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RBBamburg - ministry

VloggerTroubles - recording the life of his family

Snowflake Doxies - his wife's breeding business

The Gingerbread House - a Christmas restaurant in the works